1970 Experience

So many fans have told me they were born in the wrong year

and they wished they could be transported back in time to

1970.  So what I have posted is venues I attended or actual shows I

went to so you can get a feel for how it was and sounded like

Come follow me back in time........... Lucy

Jimi Hendrix - 1969 Royal Albert Hall

I remember this show like it was yesterday. About 6 of us went to this show, I was given box seats by my youth club for a small fee and it was great to have our own box right center of the Albert Hall. I did record the whole show on cassette and was over the moon that I had done this, but on arriving home I learnt my batteries had died and the whole show came out warped. But I still have the cassette as a memory to this piece of history Other artists performing at this show were Soft Machine and Traffic, Date of show was Feb 18th 1969


The Roundhouse was a round venue in Chalk Farm - London. I used to spend my Sundays there attending shows like IMPLOSION which ran all day and all night with music from all the greatest progressive rock bands around. The shows that took place there have a special memory in my heart. Peter Green who grew up in my town of Bethnal Green played his last gig there with Fleetwood Mac............ Lets get going then........

Patto - The Man

The Band Patto I met when I went to a FREE gig somewhere in the outskirts of London, once hearing them I went to as many shows as possible. Patto were my 2nd top band after FREE, Live shows were always killer shows. I also was fortunate to have made friends with the band and took many photos but over the years these were sadly misplaced. Listen to the lead guitar and bass lines, they were way to advanced for 1970. Enjoy

PATTO - Hold Me Back

Guitarist Ollie Alshall was one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived. Trust me - to watch him play live it just took you to another planet.........Remember this was in 1970 - It was so creative for that time.!!!!!!!!!! Listen to it all, and don't skip this one...

Blind Faith - Well All Right - HYDE PARK 1969

The Blind Faith show somehowe I managed to be right at the front and take some cool photos. I also had one signed by Ginger Baker. If I find it I shall add it to this site.

Led Zeppelin - Concert - Royal Albert Hall

What can I say...........This was the Ultimate Albert Hall show for me - taking place on June 29th Featuring Blodwyn Pig and Liverpool Scene. To hear this even now gets me going......Oh to see it again - Is heaven.

TOM JONES - What I'd Say (1964)

Well WHATS NEW PUSSYCAT?? Here's Tom rocking the rolling in his younger days... If only he had turned to hard rock instead of pop music what would have happened eh?? Did not see this live but do remember seeing it on the Telly .

East of Eden - Jig A Jig

Last time I saw East of Eden was when they opened for Hawkwind 4th Dec 1969 at the Country Club 7/6 And then came Riverdance eh?? If you can keep your feet still through this - Very well done

1970 Isle of Wight Pop Festival

If you asked me which was the best concert/festival of my life, I'd have to say after seeing FREE for the first time the next best thing was attending the Isle of Wight. It was so peacefull and loving it's just impossible to forget the feeling of it all. On top of that to witness such acts as Jimi Hendrix, ELP, Ten Years After, Moody Blues, Taste , Doors, FREE, The Who, Chicago, Family, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Sly and the Family Stone, Jethro Tull, Procal Harem Donavon and more...... How could it not be the best show on earth. Moment before ELO started their set, I was sleeping under the starz under my warm blanket when BA BOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Two cannons frighten the life out of me, One each side of the stage. It was the intro to the band. It sure woke me up .......:-))

Rory Gallagher (Taste)- Gambling Blues ( Live-isle of wight)

Rory Gallagher Playing on his Fender Telecaster - I miss this guy very much, such a terrible loss to rock music


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