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Paul at Peachtree GA 2007


" Karen from California  meets Paul for the 1st Time "



Ennio & Slyvana from Canada

with Paul

Review from Sandy

Counting the two Atlanta concerts on April 13 and 14 I have now been to thirteen Paul Rodgers concerts!  That should say it all right there!  I am now planning on my 14th Paul Rodgers concert this June 30th in Michigan and can hardly wait!  What is so special about a Paul Rodgers concert?  EVERYTHING!  I have been to see a lot of other artists but Paul is my favorite by far!  He has such a special way of connecting with his audience. He has the most amazing voice I have ever heard in my life!  Not only do the fans have a great time, dancing and singing along with Paul but you can tell Paul has a great time with the audience as well!  He truly enjoys what he does and puts his whole heart and soul into each show! 
The Atlanta concerts were no exception.  Friday night was truly fantastic and meeting Paul after the concert was just the greatest!  He is so nice and so caring about his fans!   Saturday night was so exceptional!  The weather was a big question, with severe storms in the area, but luckily, it just ended up raining.  But of course, that didn't dampen anyone's spirits!  Paul was out in the audience singing from atop one of the tables and then even started up through the audience!  What a thrill!  The songs were great, the band was great and the experience of another Paul Rodgers concert was still a thrill just like the first time I ever saw him in concert!
I wanted to thank Lucy for the fan meet and greet before the show on Friday night.  It was really great meeting some of Paul's fans, to share memories of concerts past and looking forward to the new concerts to come.  And it was so awesome that each fan received the new CD, "Live from Glasgow" and Paul even autographed it after the show!
I also wanted to thank Cynthia. She is one of the nicest people I've ever met!  Paul is so lucky to have her!  She is so great with all the fans and makes us feel special, especially when she remembers us after meeting so many people!
And I wanted to especially thank Paul!  He has such an amazing voice, a true gift from God!  Thanks for sharing with us!  You are truly amazing! 
See you in Michigan!
Columbus, OH


ARN Fans at Peachtree City - Atlanta 2007

Thank you  Karen for sending in the Photo


ATLANTA April 13th & 14th 2007

April 13 and 14, 2007: A dream weekend.  Starting with the arrival of my friend Vanessa in Charleston a few days earlier, the entire weekend could not have been better had I scripted it.  Thanks to our shared love of Paul - and Lucy - Nessa from the North, me from the South, we meet once a year to see Paul.
We had a grand drive to Atlanta from Charleston, catching up, and just laughing a lot.  At 4:00 on Friday, our Lucy hosted a fantastic gathering of fans at the hotel.  It was wonderful to see old friends, and we met so many new fans, all of them fun, friendly, and eager to see Paul.  Fans had gathered from Chicago, San Diego, LA, Ohio, Canada, Scotland, North Carolina, other parts of Georgia and of course, we two from Michigan and South Carolina.  Courtesy of PR, Lucy had a box full of treasurers given by random drawing. Just about every one got a great gift, from DVDs and CDs, magazines and pins, autographed items and even a denim PR jacket!  And of course, the new not-yet-released CD, Paul live in Glasgow, was available to us!  We met so many great new friends, and plan to keep in touch and meet up at other shows!
Then that night, the beautiful outdoor amphitheater was covered with happy fans in full PR regalia.  The lovely Cynthia was on hand with an even greater range of new merchandise, in colors and styles to suit everyone.  It was fantastic to see so much PR-wear moving off the shelves.
The concert? What is there to say?  The incomparable Paul Rodgers was just that.  As he always does, he oozed soul, with a hefty helping of zeal and fire. His voice and range get better and better every year. Paul treated the fans to an array of his Free, Bad Company, Firm and solo work, from the fun and bouncy Youngblood to a steaming rendition of Satisfaction Guaranteed.  The beloved All Right Now brought down the house, as it always does. 
On Saturday, it rained buckets, but you know that didn't stop the fans!  They were out again with their PR shirts shielded by rain gear. A handful of us were tucked up under the little roof, and who should join us in dancing and woo-hooing than Paul's Cynthia, who is just a gracious lady, beautiful inside and out.  Her kindness to a young, wheelchair bound boy will stay in my memory.
The rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits, including Paul's.  He was in fine form again, even venturing up into the stands, to the joy of the fans.  Paul's piano accompaniment to Bad Company was spellbinding.   But when he brought out Hendrix's haunting Little Wing, I was reduced to tears, and not a few of them. It was too beautiful for words, and the hush that fell over the crowd said the fans felt it, too. 
That night, we were treated to a backstage meet and greet with the whole band!  There were so many fans waiting, it must have been a two hour wait, and another chance to hang out with fans and exchange PR stories.  Nessa and I, along with Lucy and her sweetie Rob, were the last to go in.  It was a little overwhelming, being in such close quarters with that much talent.  Howard and Jeff, Lynn and Kurtis, and there at the end . . . the legend himself.  But they treated us like the stars, thanking us for our patience during the long wait - as if we minded!  All of the artists signed whatever we'd brought along, chatting like old friends. Then we had some photo ops, with the whole group, with silly Jeff behind me whispering, "Hey Luuuuucy, you got some 'splaining to do!" 
The highlight for me was having Paul personalize a photo of he and I taken in Tacoma a few years ago, THEN having him do the same with my denim PR jacket! I'm a hearing-impaired person, and was so touched when Paul was very careful to look at me while talking so I could lip-read him.  He is truly a caring person, who shows his quality time after time, in his music and in the way he lives his life.
It was truly an honor to spend a few minutes backstage, and another beautiful memory for my collection.
Since Vanessa and I use Paul's concerts as an excuse to get together, we're eagerly awaiting next year's show! 
Special thanks again to Lucy and Rob, with their big hearts of gold, who truly go out of their way to create special moments for the fans. 
Charleston, SC


Tim with Paul Rodgers and the band




Robert - Paul - Kurtis - Lucy - Lynn - Vanessa - Jeff - Tammy - Howard


I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for all that you do, I can only imagine the time and effort  that you put forth for ARN  plus countless other bands.
   WE ARE ALWAYS  LOOKING FORWARD TO ANOTHER PAUL RODGERS SHOW!                                                  
         Kim & Jim Gold

Jim & Kim from Florida with Enino and Sylvana from Canada

Atlanta Review

   Written - Monday, April 16, 2007


Paul Rodgers Concert

HI all,
My wife and I attended the Paul Rodgers concert Saturday night in Peachtree City GA. Peachtree City is about an hour south of Atlanta, a small planned community with a very nice amphitheater for shows. We've seen a number of shows there and always enjoy ourselves.

Paul Rodgers has been a favorite of ours for years, we've seen him with Bad Company, with The Firm, his solo Muddy Waters Blues Tour, and with Queen + Paul Rodgers. Thanks to his management, we were provided media passes/tickets for the show. With a forecast of heavy rain for Sat. night, we went prepared to get soaked, but did carry rain gear and a bottle of wine. As it turned out, there was a light rain, off and on, but we dodged any of the heavy rain they were calling for. It was a great evening out!

Opening song, "Rock & Roll Fantasy" gave everyone an indication of what was to come. The band came out blistering and continued the entire night. Rodgers was as good as it gets, really into it, and as my wife and I commented to each other on the way home, he always seems to have a good time and truely enjoys performing. "Good Loving Gone Bad" followed, and in no particular order, songs included "Running With The Pack", "Bad Company", "Shooting Star", Free's "Wishing Well (one of my favorites), The Firms "Radio-active" and "Satisfaction Guaranteed", and "Feel Like Making Love", among many others. Guitarist Howard Leese (ex of Heart) was giving the opportunity to perform one of his own songs, with bassist Lynn Sorenson providing vocals. Drummer Jeff Kathan was in charge of the group, playing confident and strong, with great chops when needed and a solid backbeat to keep everyone in order. The man has a POWERFUL presence in each song, but without stepping on anyones shoes. Rounding out the band is 18 year old guitar wiz Kurtis Dengler.

After the show, we met with Jeff to chat a bit, introduce him to the mag, and exchange contact info. Jeff's been around the block for awhile, performing with a slew of great artist (visit his website for more info) over the years. He's been with Rodgers for 10 years, and told me he plays regularly with 6 other bands, many in his hometown of Seattle. We talked about how he got started, hooking up with Howard Leese, and more, which I'll save for an article down the road.

It was a fun night out for us, heard great music, and met a great band (who by the way did over an hour of "meet and greet" after the show. The entire group and management were A+ in making themselves open for this). A new cd and dvd, "PAUL RODGERS IN GLASGOW" will be released shortly, visit for info.






The Paul Rodgers' concerts in Atlanta, (Fairburn, Georgia), April 13th and 14th.
submitted to Lucy Piller, by The Fogman.  April 19th, 2007.
  There's something about a Paul Rodgers' concert.  Wait, check that!  There are SO MANY things about a Paul Rodgers' concert!  The predominent benefit from taking in a set from the most revered vocalist of our time is positivity.    Positivity that is a by product of the love and will he exudes, to see peace spread throughout the world.  One man can only do so much, but when that man happens to be the frontman from Free, Bad company, The Firm, a recent collaboration with the chaps from Queen, and other internationally known acts, well the magic he casts upon his audiences is obvious.  When you attend a Paul Rodgers show, leave negativity at the door!  Stop worrying about things like international trade imbalances, distant conflagrations, labour unrest and the usual slew of irritants and aggrivations that keep you from drawing on the harmony that exists in the universe.  Just sit back, relax and, feel the love shining through to you from the stage of the most dynamic, exciting and blessed entertainer in the world.
  It was evident from the first note of the night, on Friday in Fairburn, Georgia, that Paul is not the worst for wear, following his very busy, recent schedule.  In fact I don't know that I've ever heard him sound better!  This evening saw the band Paul has put together range through Free standards, Bad co hits, a Firm tune or two and of course a healthy supply of recent material.  In every case, The Voice, was in superb form.  Anyone familiar with a P.R. concert has come to expect nothing but the best from this heralded performer, but on this night, he was showing inspired form. Whether it be a ballad or a kick-ass rock number, Paul was indeed on the money!  And all the while, he exuded a love and respect for his audience that was tangible and moving.  Paul's stage presence was bigger than life and as always, confident but humble.  It is just impossible top not be captivated by this wonderful combination of talent and inherent connection, with his assembly of appreciative fans.  Evoking a mastery of at least two genres of vocalization, primarily blues and soulful rock, Paul delivered an extremely polished and masterful performance.  His hard work on both guitar and piano was evident in several songs included in the sets played in Georgia. True to form too, Paul included his fans during several songs. Perusing the crowd on the Friday show, there wasn't a soul that declined to join in the choruses, at Paul's urging, of All Right Now, Feel Like Making Love' and several other vintage numbers.  It was the same on Saturday night. In spite of the awesome affection shown him,  Paul was intent on sharing the adulation with his band members.  And WHAT a talented outfit he has backing him up!
  Two guitarists are on this roster of talent assembled by Paul.  There is a definitive spread between seasoned veteran and fresh, young blood.  Experience is represented in the form of one Howard Leese.  This fellow is the complete package.  His guitar sound is not unlike that of the Fender strat, his harmony vocals are wonderful and his stage presence is immpecable.  His strong soloing was complimented by the layered harmonies of dual guitars reminiscent of Wishbone Ash.  Both of Paul's guitarists are acutely aware of synchronised vibrato used to perfection and the textures shared between the axe of Howard and the Les Paul of newcomer Kurtis Dengler are executed splendidly.  The tandem guitar solos in effect with this band are another facet of a well thought out, varied approach to rock and roll and it all comes together beautifully when melded with such superior vocalization. 
  As mentioned, Kurtis Dengler is the new face on the scene.  He is confident and comfortable amid the gathered talents of such rehearsed, polished players.  Poised beyond his years, Kurtis utilizes all that his humbuckers afford.  Any rock show worth attening needs at least one set of Gibson pick ups to underly and sustain emotion and rock drive.  This young man is a master of modulation and the Les Paul. Working alongside Howard, this extremely effective duo accomplish to great effect, harmony soloing adding wonderful colour to the nights' enjoyment.  Both of these guys are tasteful, economic and deliberate blues rock guitarists and  they worked together effectively throughout the night, never once getting in each other's way.  Any fan of the electric blues / rock guitar will be impressed by the unselfish team-work exuded by these superb players hailing from diverse ends of the experience spectrum.   It was a brilliant display of both virtuosity and synchronisity by these fellows.
  On bass guitar, Lynn sorensen was the mortar that held both the rythym section and guitar highlights together this night.  Effecting solid, chunky bass that never forgot the bass drum, Lynn's lightning quick and creative bass lines often mirrored the virtuosity that was being expressed by the axemen.  This guy rocks steady and he rocks wild.  His stage presence was undeniable and animated.  For those folk that lament the virtuoso bass chops from the era of Andy Fraser, Jack Bruce, and Marty Turner, Lynn reinforced that approach with a 'today' presentation on the bass.  In short, Lynn and the rest of this band work together and they work together so very well!
  Now, the reason that this melodic, driving unit behind Paul works so well.  Jeff Kathan  is a superior rock drummer  .  He utilises the entire kit effectively, creatively but without ever wavering from the mission.  It must be magic playing with this lad.  Working in unison with his partner in the rythym section, Jeff  was a rock and allowed all of the other lads to attend to their duties while imposing an absolutely perfect meter..  Another unselfish player, he drives the tunage through and keeps the Paul Rodgers Express on track and directly on line to the destination station.  A master of dynamics and fluent drumming, the entire band can relax in the knowledge that the meter is a done deal.  This is one fine, polished and unselfish group.  I know we expect nothing less from a Paul Rodgers tour,  but let's give all of these guys the credit they deserve!   And let's give Paul the pat on the back he is owed for this tight, diversified and happening show!! well done Friday night boys!!   For anyone considering catching any of the remaining shows of this tour... do not hesitate!!! Get yourself down to the remaining venues and be sure to tell your friends and relatives about this latest band of 'Friends' Paul has put together.  No Free or Bad Company supporter I know would want to miss this brilliant set.
  Well, Friday's show had everything a Paul Rodgers' fan could hope for and then some.  However, Saturday was threatening to dampen things somewhat in Georgia.  How many of the supporters in attendance Saturday wondered inwardly if Paul's undeniable heartful of soul and positivity would actually drive the clouds away to let his fans enjoy the concert without getting drenched?  Well i know there were at least a few, as I actually heard it spoken by some of the fans in attendance!! No worries, you come to expect that type of thinking from the people that follow Paul's career.   The storms that hammered away at Dallas, north east Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi had at last arrived in Fairburn, Georgia on Saturday and were providing the people gathered at 'The Fred' amphitheatre with all the precipitation they had been dreading.  The venue has a 'Rain or Shine' approach and the show was going to happen regardless.  Rain ponchos were very thoughtfully handed out by the thousands and then of course, the rains abated as per the fans' hopes and Paul Rodgers and Friends opened up the second of their two sets in Georgia to a rousing welcome.  
  Perhaps it was the effect of the retreating rain clouds, perhaps it was just an exponential swelling of vibrations on the second night of two concerts by Paul, but one thing was agreed upon by the many fans that took in both shows, Saturday night's concert actually surpassed Friday's in intensity!  The set list varied slightly from Friday's with the addition of Fire and Water' among others, but Paul and the band delivered again for the assembled and a near capacity house was enjoing everything that has come to be expected of a Paul Rodgers event.  The tour for this incarnation of Paul's band is not an extended one so it is incumbent upon this reviewer to reiterate that if it is at all possible, get out and see these guys if you have an opportunity.  In Georgia, the faithful came in from diverse locales such as Glasgow, Scotland, San diego, Cailfornia, Toronto,  and Calgary, Canada,  Florida and a variety of other places.  Check with the varied Paul Rodger's websites to ensure that you're able to attend a show.  You will not be dissappointed!   This is a talented, diverse and unselfish group of players and one that any follower of Paul's ought not to miss.  The band has come together and are extremely tight, complimentary and dynamic.
On Friday evening, Paul had graciously shared the spotlight and the band had performed a tune by Kurtis.  It proved to ba a driving rocker and was not at all out of place in the middle of Friday's set. This particular tune was a strong guitar riffed offering and it was totally enjoyed by all in attendance  The future of rock guitar is in good hands people, and the song writing capabilities of Kurtis show great pomise.  Saturday night it was the Bassman's turn to show off his songwriting and vocal abilities.  He certainly did not dissappoint.  Lynn displayed an impressive rock 'n roll scream and strong pipes.  The song he had put together was well written, well executed by the band and as with Kurtis' number, this tune definitely added to the varied list of positives in the set.
sadly, the rain returned in the form of a light shower about two thirds of the way through saturday night's show.  No one minded however, as Paul was spreading peace and love along with the best vocals and stage presence on the planet.  People sang along, danced in the aisles, met new friends, cheered, hollered their approval, and went well into the night enjoying a top calibre set from one of the best bands put together in quite some time!  On behalf of all of us there, thank you lads for such a terrific set on both nights, thank you people at 'The Fred', in Fairburn, Georgia for such wonderful hospitality, thank you Lucy Piller for tirelessly organizing such a wonderful get together for the fan club, at both the hotel and the venue.  And most of all, thank you Paul Rodgers for your appreciation of people and the positive things in life.  Thank you for spreading peace and love and thank you for the way you do it.  Your form of entertainment is wonderful!  Your platform for spreading such positive vibes is amazing.  Your God given talents are incredible, thank you for sharing them with us so personally and so effectively.
- The Fogman, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.



Atlanta Merchandise Stand

Samara + Michelle


Note from Lucy
Well it's Monday and I am still recovering from the week-end
As you know Paul played two shows at the Peachtree City location.
Friday and Saturday nights show were simply outstanding.
Before the show on Friday over 30 fans arrived at the hotel in Fairburn,
The hotel were just amazing to everyone staying there
We did have a raffle with some awesome gifts from Paul like
2 Free DVDs
2 Four Tops DVDs
1 Strat Pack DVD
2 PR CDs Live in Glasgow
PR Posters
Collectors Muddy Waters Blues Postcards *Rare*
 2PR Card Packages
2 PR Autorgraphed Cards Framed/Magnetic
1 Pack of PR Letterhead (12 Sheets Of Paper)
4 No BS Magazines
2 Sets of PR Patch (only 5 were made) Rare Autographed Card
10 PR Guitar Picks
10 PR Stickers
10 Autographed Cards
2 Ladies PR BBQ Aprons
1 CD Rare Dad Rocks
Ladies PR PIns
Ladies PR Ladies Small Jean Jacket
All fans had the chance to buy the NEW cd before it was released.
All Fans attending were invited backstage to meet Paul
Fans are sending in their reviews & photos
Thank you to all those who attended the Hotel Meet & Greet, It sure was fun
meeting new and old friends. And thank you Tammy & Vanessa for lending me your bed
for 10 mins rest, what a bed it was eh?
Thank you for all the  extra's people brought too.
You know who you are ......
From the fans at ARN
Next came the All Star Jam
I had invited many of Atlanta's finest musicians and all came with their instruments.
Everyone had a blast and we taped it so I will be posting clips in the near future.
It was indeed a special occasion to see the band play with our local guys from Atlanta
Howard, Lynn, Jeff and Kurtis
for hanging out with the local talent.
Thank you to all the best musicians in the Atlanta area
You are simply the best
Thank you to Ennio and Sylvana who came down from Canada to
enjoy the weekend with us
And Lastly THANK YOU to my beloved Rob
Who always puts up with me

The Buckheads


Sunday afternoon with the Buckheads !!!

featuring  Howard Leese, Jeff Kathan and Lynn Sorensen



 Live in Atlanta
Part 1 - Photos
Thank you to all the super fans who attended our two meet and greets
the fun one at the hotel and the super meet with Paul and the band
Send in your reivews and photos to be posted on ARN
Part 2
Tonight I held a ALL STAR JAM at my home with special guests the
The Paul Rodgers Band
Featuring artists Jeff Robinson of Blues Cat  John Mcknight   Mike Lowry  Doug Easterly
+ Many more


Howard Leese


Barry Richman  &  Beau Hall   + Sound clip

Attending the ALL STAR BAND in Atlanta

Featuring the Paul Rodgers Band


John Mcknight - Mike Lowry - Kurtis Dengler and Lynn Sorensen Jam


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