Taddy Porter is Andy Brewer, Doug Jones, Kevin Jones and Joe Selby. Four young men, southern by birth, with a habit of rocking outright. The brothers Jones command a rhythmic Abrahams, devastating all in its path, steady on its brooding course, leaving a wrecked wake where the war was waged. All the while, Brewer and Selby man the cannons hurling shell after screeching shell of audio assault. Brewer howls familiar with all the pains and medals that lie typically in the tones of men with triple his years. His words describe scenes you’ve known before in ways which still ring fresh. Selby invades every earhole in the room with a brute force and welcomed trauma that stays with a crowd well after he’s done with them. This is Taddy Porter. Bred out of Stillwater, holding you at gunpoint and commanding that you shake your ass.

Andy Brewer-Guitar/Lead Vocals; Doug Jones-Drums; Kevin Jones-Bass/Vocals; Joe Selby-Lead Guitar/Vocals

The band recorded their first demo with Trent Bell of Bell Labs, famed engineer of the Flaming Lips in April 2007. They returned to Bell in December 2007 to begin work on the "Monocle" Ep. Completing the EP, Taddy Porter is now working with Bell Labs to finish their first full length recording which will soon be available through all of the electronic outlets as well as in stores.









Taddy Porter is a raucous mix of old school rock and blues with a subtle hint of modern rock.

The music is driven by howling vocals, ominous guitar riffs and foot tapping good rhythms . 










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